This simple application verifies and generates personal identity codes that are in use in Finland (henkilötunnus or HETU).

This is a basic example of using jQuery and jQuery UI. Source code is available in GitHub.


Henkilötunnus (HETU, Swedish: Personbeteckning) is personal identity code that is in use in Finland. It was introduced in 1964 and is used for identifying the citizens in government and many corporate and other transactions.

It consists of eleven characters of the form DDMMYYCZZZQ, where DDMMYY is the date of birth, C the century sign, ZZZ the individual number and Q the control character (checksum). The sign for the century is either + (1800–1899), - (1900–1999), or A (2000–2099). The individual number ZZZ is odd for males and even for females and for people born in Finland its range is 002-899 (larger numbers may be used in special cases).

For example, 131052-308T could belong to a woman that was born on October 13, 1952. Marshal Mannerheim could have the code 040667+001R.

HETU is given to every Finnish citizen born in Finland. Foreign citizens whose residence in Finland is permanent or exceeds more than one year are also issued a personal identity code by law. The personal identity code is a means to distinguish between individuals having the same name. It can be found in some public documents (such as the deed of purchase of real estate). Therefore knowing the code should not be used as a proof of identity, although this sometimes happens in the commercial sector. Employers need the personal identity code to report payment of wages to Finnish Tax Administration, the pension funds, etc.

During 1964–1970 the personal identity code was known as Sosiaaliturvatunnus (SOTU, Social Security number). The term is still widely in use unofficially (and incorrectly).

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Henkilötunnus validation

This tool checks henkilötunnus for validity

Examples: 131052-308T, 010408A7770 or 040667+001R.

Henkilötunnus generation

This tool generates a valid henkilötunnus based on birthday and sex.